“Living Legend” – Daniel Day-Lewis

Irish-born British actor Daniel Day-Lewis is known as the “living legend” of contemporary cinema when he is the only one to own three Oscar Golden statues of Best Actor. Regrettably, Daniel Day-Lewis announced his retirement after “Phantom Thread”, released at the end of 2017. “Phantom Thread” is also the dark horse at the Oscar 2018 race when it owns 6 nominations, of which has a Best Actor nomination for Daniel Day-Lewis. If Oscar again calls the name Daniel Day-Lewis, he will continue to create a feat in the history of Oscar.

Speaking of Daniel Day-Lewis, experts immediately think of “method acting” – the term indicating the way of acting, of being mindful and promoting honesty. Time magazine used to call Daniel Day-Lewis the Best Actor in the world and Daniel Day-Lewis deserves those beauties because of his talent, enthusiasm and commitment in acting. Nearly 50 years of acting career, Daniel Day-Lewis has participated in only about 30 works, including cinema and television. But everyone immediately remembered his role, as a writer with congenital cerebral palsy who could only move his left foot in “My Left Foot” (1989), or the brave Nathaniel in ” The Last of the Mohicans ”(1992), or the stubborn and discerning Lincoln leader, makes innovative policy decisions in“ Lincoln ”(2012)…

All the characters played by Daniel Day-Lewis are very attractive to viewers because of his natural acting. Daniel Day-Lewis once shared: “I try to picture what I see in real life characters”. With that in mind, Daniel Day-Lewis always lived his character’s life before and during filming. During the filming of “My Left Foot”, Daniel Day-Lewis was always in a wheelchair, even when the machine stopped recording, at the studio he was still in a wheelchair. As Nathaniel, Daniel Day-Lewis also spent a lot of time going to places Nathaniel used to live, hunting in the woods himself, catching fish in streams, experiencing true life of the character. Taking on the role of politician Lincoln, Daniel Day-Lewis frankly exchanged with director Steven Spielberg for him a year to study and learn about Lincoln, as well as the background that this character experienced. Director Steven Spielberg expressed: “Rarely does the actor have a working style like Daniel Day-Lewis, the meticulousness of his profession makes the young generation to learn seriously”. Daniel Day-Lewis is not only strict in choosing the script but also researched very carefully to fully express the character’s god. That is why Daniel Day-Lewis won 3 Best Actor Oscar Golden Statues (movies: “My Left Foot ‘,” There Will Be Blood “and” Lincoln “).

Back with “Phantom Thread”, the last movie Daniel Day-Lewis was in, marked his reunion with talented director Paul Thomas Anderson since “There Will Be Blood” (2007, 8 nominated for an Oscar, bringing in 2 wins). The couple’s reunion allows fans to expect a lot at the next Oscar. “Phantom Thread” is set in the 1950s, in the UK, revolves around the life and career of the famous fashion designer Reynolds Woodcock – inspired by the real life of legendary Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. To play the role of Woodcook, Daniel Day-Lewis continued to follow his rule: spend a lot of time learning how to cut and sew chic outfits for women. Critics give a lot of praise to “Phantom Thread”, which emphasizes Daniel Day-Lewis: until the end of his career, he is still full of talent and serious working spirit.

Throughout his acting career, knight Daniel Day-Lewis is not only a talent recognized by co-professionals, but also extremely admired and adored by the public.

In My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown – 1989, to portray Christy Brown as honestly as possible, a human with congenital cerebral palsy and the whole body only the foot is allowed. Daniel Day-Lewis “stuck around” with the wheelchair, as it is said that he refused to leave the wheelchair even though the scene was over, instead he asked his crew members to do it. eat and push him around. Each work of art he whole is a wholehearted commitment to it, … That is probably why his film career is always associated with “the Oscar statue”.

He is the one who refuses to participate in blockbuster and commercial films, Daniel Day-Lewis is quite strict in selecting scripts and directors. He focuses mostly on art films and engages with all the enthusiasm he has to produce works of lasting value. Some scenes that take place in the scene explain how the audience “always has a heart to him” because of what he has devoted to art? .

With his acting completely immersed in the character that in the cinematic term “Method Acting”, Daniel Day-Lewis always captivates the audience in every movie he participates in. That has been confirmed through the movie There Will Be Blood with 8 awards from Oscar, but the category of the best male actor is none other than knight Daniel Day-Lewis.

Throughout his entire film career, he always focuses mostly on art films and engages with all his enthusiasm in order to produce works of lasting value. It is crucial that Daniel Day-Lewis wants to stick with art.

“Life is what comes first. So what I see in the characters, I try to picture it in real life,” Daniel Day-Lewis said of how each role is perceived.

Before the announcement of the retirement of a talented and private actor like Daniel Day-Lewis, the audience regrettedly had to find only his old movies to see and contemplate.

Opening your name with an Oscar, will you close your glorious career with another Oscar this year? No matter what the end result for Phantom Thread may be, there must be an image of a knight Daniel Day-Lewis who devotes his whole life to living in each movie like that. And you, which of his films left the biggest impression on you?


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