My Australian’s study aboard – respect for these differences

I am fortunate to have a part-time job at a cafe 2 months after I arrived in Australia. Luckily, it’s not just finding a job, it’s important that it’s a job with a good environment, kind, likable colleagues, good salary and I can learn a lot of things even if it’s just serving. hand.
For example, learn to respect differences.
Like I said, everyone is good, but each has a different personality. Someone is active, talkative or smiley and always feels comfortable and easy to get along with. Some people are quiet, if we do not greet me first, they will not greet me, plus their faces are always staring. Initially, when I met people like that, I felt quite worried, partly because I was new, partly because I was a foreigner, so I kept wondering how I could integrate best. However, the more I’ve been exposed, the more I realize that the initial feelings are not completely correct. I myself am a cheerful person and easily attracted to cheerful people, it doesn’t mean that taciturn, quiet people don’t have the likable aspects, but just that I need to understand the difference to have Different approaches towards different people. When I actively greeted them, they laughed happily. When I asked them to do something, they helped them enthusiastically. Don’t judge a book by its cover – don’t judge someone when we don’t know them well, because you will most likely miss out on a good friend, a good relationship.
At work, the person I am most afraid of encountering is the manager. It can be said that this woman works extremely well, every position from coffee making to running the table she can handle, but her character is a bit stiff and always radiates a stern, difficult to approach. Whenever she makes a mistake or fails to handle her job well, she will be reminded by her with an extremely evil expression. There was a time when I made food, there were many customers so she jumped in to help, and because she worked so fast, she almost carried all the work without letting me get my hands on anything. After being around for a while, I heard the beep of the microwave oven, I ran over to help her get the things out and saw the Italian lady rushing in and even looked at me saying “Excuse me?”, Telling me to get away Since I’m standing right in front of the oven, she can’t get things. I’m kind of a bit shocked, I’m just trying to support. After that, I told a fellow at work about this issue, you told me, you should not pay attention to do anything because that grandmother always does. Like always focusing so hard to do the job perfectly and effectively as possible, not that she hates you. And I noticed it was true. Maybe for a moment (and usually while at work) this manager is acting quite evil, but next time she is happy and polite to me next meeting her laugh. So, in addition to respecting differences, I also learn how not to take things personally, to see the problem with perspective, not with emotions. That way, we realize that a little bit of work conflict is not too big and important, then everyone still has feelings of love and respect for each other.
I think, not only in the part-time environment but in any job, when we go to work, we will realize that everything is not as easy as in school, whoever suits us and whoever does not I avoid it. Sometimes I am forced to work with people with terribly humid moods. Therefore, it is important to learn to respect differences, set your personal feelings aside, and always focus on your best work goal. If there are questions, conflicts, then frankly argue to solve the problem, instead of being silent and then deducing yourself, personalizing everything. The working environment is not easy, but through it we become more mature. Do not let unhappy things happen when working with different individuals makes us lose our positive, happy lives.

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