Give to yourself a compliments

That’s exactly this title is one of my motto of life, well,  because  sometimes we are so busy with work, study and outside relationships that we forget to love ourselves. So how to love yourself more? Let’s find out simple ways to help us do it every day.
1. Accept imperfections
To love yourself more, you need to learn to love your own shortcomings. No one is absolutely perfect, so let’s not be too hard on ourselves. Accepting imperfections also means that we have more confidence in ourselves.
2. Get rid of unhealthy relationships
The truth is, not all relationships in life are beneficial for us. If someone just says love, care with words but doesn’t really act like that, then they are just taking away our happiness. So don’t spend more time and effort in such relationships.
3. Set aside time each day to do something you enjoy
Write, take pictures, sing songs, or just take a break … whatever makes us happy and content, let’s have more time for that. Start with the smallest things, gradually turn them into a habit and we will soon feel a positive energy to prepare for all challenges in life.
4. Step out of your comfort zone
Don’t stay in the cocoon forever or we will regret it so much. Bravely stepping out of our comfort zone is not only an effective way to renew ourselves, but also helps us uncover our hidden potential. Don’t worry about what other people will think because it doesn’t really matter, just be yourself and do what you want.
5. Give to yourself a compliments
Every morning, look in the mirror and smile. Tell yourself one good thing that makes us mentally more energetic and confident, even when nothing about us is truly perfect. Because of us, it is the happiness and pride of being ourselves.
Wish we will always know how to love ourselves more

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