Manchester by the Sea – A picture painted with pains

If you are someone who enjoys dramas, dramatic films in search of the philosophies of life, meaningful, profound lines, or you are on the path of many moviegoers nowadays, trying to frown, squeeze your brain to give a certain message, then after watching a Manchester by the Sea movie, you will change those ways in your enjoyment thinking.

With the main character of a man with a closed life, quiet words and a little clumsy in expressing words, it seems that the director wants viewers not only to listen to his character, but to live with him, I put myself in his position from there to understand his thoughts and sympathy for his behavior. Then in the end, we have to repeat the familiar comment: I caught myself somewhere in this movie, in this character, in this situation.

Manchester by the Sea talks about the character Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck), a housekeeper and lonely living in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA. Lee is a quiet person, less open-minded, and sometimes irritable. When he heard that his brother, Joe Chandler (Kyle Chandler) was hospitalized after falling on the boat, he immediately set off to the hospital in Beverly. But when he arrived, he received the announcement that Joe had passed away after days living with hemorrhagic heart failure. When he went to Manchester to inform Joe’s son, Patrick (Lucas Hedges) of the news of his father’s death and to take care of his brother’s affairs, Lee learned that Joe had given him custody of Patrick without consulting him. . However, Lee did not want to stay in Manchester because there he had a traumatic memory with his old family. From here, the film begins to enter the relationship of Lee and his nephew after his father’s death, along with Lee’s flashbacks of his Manchester past.

The film was very successful at telling two stories of the same character at once. One story is present and the other is in the past. Thereby, it helps viewers gradually understand and sympathize with the character. Through a deliberate interplay, viewers seem to implicitly understand that Lee is constantly recalling the past throughout the reality that he is experiencing, in the office, in the elevator … With a traumatic memory. to cling to and haunt him like that, there must be in the heart of the man with an appearance filled with resignation and these deep, restless eyes had unspeakable pain.

Reality has proven it, he never opened his mouth to talk about his past during the course of the present story. All the pains that continued to persist in Lee’s mind plus the worries, difficulties he encountered in taking care of Joe’s affairs, arrangements for his teenage nephew, … All compressed from deep inside the man then turned into vulgar words and violent actions. Since he is not used to expressing and sharing, and opening his heart to anyone, it is a habit he has practiced for himself by avoiding painful memories in Manchester and burying his life in another country to day by day nibbling the pain. This is when the character requires from viewers a deep understanding and a complete empathy so that when we relate to real life, we have a different sense of action floating around us.

Manchester by the Sea is a sad movie, but the sadness here is inversely proportional to the tears. It gives viewers a visualization of the inner world of the characters who have experienced a lot of pain in their lives through the repressing acting of actors Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams as Randi, for example. Lee’s ex-wife. It is an acting style that requires actors to have a complete transformation into the character’s own identity and thoughts, and then what they expose to viewers is just a confused, hesitant look, a choked voice. Sweet, clumsy gestures, and tears that tried to hold back but still poured out.

Moreover, the film also requires viewers to be a deep person and have a certain idea or experience of an introverted life in order to swallow each silent, discreet emotion that the work brings. And those unflattering interior colors contrast with the poetic landscape of the coastal town of Manchester. It makes the audience once again transform themselves into the character, when the scene seems to be forgotten, because people are busy caressing their own emotional wounds.

In a year with the emergence of many cinematic works covering hot social topics such as racism, the divide between rich and poor, or concerns about political instability in the future, Manchester by the Sea is like a “strange bird”.

Because the characters in the movie are very ordinary people, the pain they endure is very personal, it is not easy for many viewers to relate to their thoughts and circumstances. .

So what makes a work as tragic as Manchester by the Sea a success? Perhaps it is the sincerity emanating from each line, from the way of character construction, from the choice of images and music by Kenneth Lonergan.

That sincerity helps the audience clearly feel the pain of the group of characters in the movie, then suddenly realize that we humans do not have much opportunity to love each other. Whether it’s just 10 minutes or a whole life, just give your loved ones a lot of love, because at a certain time, life tragedy can rob you of that very simple opportunity.

At Oscar 2017, Manchester by the Sea received a total of 6 Oscar nominations for feature films, Director (Kenneth Lonergan), Actor (Casey Affleck), Supporting Actor (Lucas Hedges), Supporting Actress (Michelle Williams) and Best Original Script.

This is a perfect choice for those who want to spend 137 minutes of their life living a different life and then appreciate life more from the most simple things, just like the way Lee Chandler character rediscovered. Get a little fun yourself.

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