“Amélie” – Life is still beautiful

Movie title: Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain/Amélie

Genre: Comedy, romance

Directed by: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Actors and actresses: Audrey Tautou, Mathieu Kassovitz, Rufus, …

Duration: 123 minutes

Released: 2001

Country: France, Germany

Language: French
Amélie is a French film in the top 100 best films of all time. The film has won the love from viewers all over the world, with the cute dream about Amélie’s life in the magnificent capital of Paris.

Those who have not come to Paris will love this city, those who have lived here will want to return immediately, and those who are alive will want to go out to enjoy.

The film is a continuation story about the girl Amélie, from the moment she was born to the moment she found the love of her life. When she was a child, she was suspected of suffering from heart disease, so she didn’t go to school but was taught at home by her parents. Without friends, her parents did not spend time with her, she had only characters in her fantasy company. She always looks forward to the day when she can leave that boring house, leave the outskirts of Montmartre to come to magnificent Paris. And the moment she moved to Paris, the story of Amélie seemed to officially begin.

Actually the movie only started when Audrey appeared. Audrey or Amélie is now a young girl, living alone in an apartment near Montmatre Hill. Every day she goes to work at the cafe de 2 moulins, at night to cook noodles, peeps at the old painter with a bone disease downstairs. Paris then wondered How many couples are having sex at this moment? ¨.

Perhaps more than anyone else, Amélie was a man who sensed the cosmic parallel. She is always aware of the same time she is eating, someone else taking a bath or sleeping. Curiously, a child who can only play by himself has such a profound interest in and observation of the world. The universe had a secret operation and Amélie wanted to understand it, like most people.

In Paris, she worked as a waiter at “Two Windmills”, she had no friends, no lover, no passion, no clear purpose in life. Day by day, she was immersed in her own world, with her own little pleasures, such as enjoying the feeling of immersing her hand in round beans, or throwing small rocks in the canal … Fate changed her life. Amélie, when she found the treasure box hidden in the wall of the apartment 40 years ago and resolved to return it to the boy that day – now a middle-aged man. And then, “thoughts of helping others flooded her mind”.

Amélie in the film has very little lines, but with the excellent acting of Audrey Tautou, a portrait of a muse still appears in front of viewers clearly. Amélie had big, bewildered eyes, always sparkling with joy, lips always smiling shyly. Amélie had a wry face, as if she were knowing a secret, her mind was always filled with interesting ideas, unexpected and awe-inspiring “conspiracies”. Amélie is shy, quiet, and enjoys silently observing everyone and everything around her. Amélie was intelligent, delicate, and pure, like a light drop of sunshine in the window. She kept on being so mischievous and strange like that, like a lovely child who never grew up.

“Life is gentle and gentle. Love overflows. The thought of helping others filled her mind. “… (Amélie)

The way Amélie loves and helps others is also simple, intimate, but also interesting and mischievous. She walked all the way back and forth, searching everywhere only to return the souvenirs from two decades ago to her owner. She cut old letters into a new letter to a person. She took the exact time to arrange a surprise meeting. She sent the statue around the world to give its owner the motivation to enjoy life. She takes revenge on a bad guy who always teases the person she loves …

The special thing is that she never appeared, but always silently helped people. It feels great to help others than everyone else’s recognition and appreciation. How beautiful the little Amélie has made the lives of those around her!

“Without you, my feelings today are just yesterday’s residue.” (Amélie)

The film has great scenes to express Amélie’s mood when in love. The way she enjoyed “trapping” the boy she fell in love with, the scene of her returning home with a broken heart and imagining one day two people living together, … sincerely and pure. That love story gives viewers a sweet, amusing, heartbreaking feeling. The brightest scene is when she gently kisses the corner of her lover’s mouth and eyes. The scene does not use background music and is completely silent, but extremely gentle and sexy, leaving a deep impression on viewers.

“Little Amelie, I don’t have vitiligo, so I knocked on your soul’s door. If you miss this opportunity, your heart will eventually become as dry and fragile as my bones. So, go after him! ”

Amélie conveys a delicate message about love. Have the courage to follow the love of your life. Love, care for, and help those around you. Giving away not for reciprocity, not to be praised or remembered, but for yourself to be able to feel happy and love this life more. How beautiful this life is, when filled with warm human love, filled with love. Out there, the golden color of sunlight is covering every window, every street corner and every soul.


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