Types of skin care masks, please forget them!

The mask has always been one of my favorite skin care products because of its fast, compact, light and easy-to-use advantages. However, nowadays there are countless types of masks on the market with different materials and effects. Below are 5 of the common masks that I have been using lately with a little quick review for your reference.
1. Peel-off mask
As the name implies, after applying on the skin and left for about 5-10 minutes, the original gel-like mask will dry and can gradually peel off (from under the chin back up). When dry, the mask can give your facial skin a little stretch, but it’s not a big deal. Dead skin patches, dirt in the pores will be removed by the mask when we peel off, leaving the surface of the skin relatively soft and clean.
Recommended for: You have oily, dull and uneven skin color
Recommended Product: Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Peel-Off Mask, Formula 10.0.6 Get Your Glow On Brightening Peel Off Mask

My first impression when using Get Your Glow On is that my skin is quite stinging. This is mentioned by the company in the user manual on the package, but I still don’t know why. Wait about 10 minutes, then I peel and rinse with warm water to remove the mask, I see the skin is quite soft and like, places like the sides of the nose no longer have pig pimples and dead skin. As for the lightening effect, I still don’t see it clearly.
2. Mud / clay mask
This type of mask can be compared to a magnet that works to absorb dirt and excess oil deep inside the pores. In addition, the mud / clay mask also helps shrink pores and prevent acne quite effectively. This product works in a way that temporarily exposes the skin to outside air, and thus stimulates our brains to secrete skin plumper, giving a feeling of really fresh.
Who is ideal: You have oily / combination skin, large pores, and lots of blackheads / pimples.
Although Pores Be Pure is also a bit stinging, it is better than Get Your Glow On. Because it is mud mask, the texture is quite thin and light, applying it to the skin does not cause dryness and stretch like when using clay mask. I have a good relationship with her because the scent is so pleasant, the skin after washing it off is much softer, but it’s a bit dry, so I need to apply cream right away.
3. Gel mask
Gel-based masks are often effective in cooling, soothing dry, chapped, or damaged areas caused by acne, while at the same time providing moisture, detoxification and firmer skin.
Recommended for: You have dry and sensitive skin
Recommended product: Formula 10.0.6 Keep Your Cool Breakout Calming Mask

This is the first gel mask product I use. It seems a bit stinging too but since the mask itself has mint extract, the stinging feeling is not really clear and seems to be the best of the 3 Formula 10.0.6 masks I have. However, this instruction for her is quite weird when the manufacturer says after applying and waiting for about 5 minutes, gently apply it to absorb all the skin and then leave it like that (!) I have tested but must go to wash immediately because hissing is unbearable hiss. The next time, I learn from experience, only applying a thin layer of DARK to the skin, it is more effective, the skin is soothing and acne less painful.
4. Sheet mask
For the subjects Most skin types A to Z

My all-time favorite here. Paper masks are always a product that I have with me no matter where I am. The advantage of the paper mask is that it is clean, easy to use for almost all skin types and the moisturizing effect is superb because each mask contains a lot of serum. According to my suggestion, there will be a number of product lines as follows: Kose Lululun, Clear White Vitamin C, Morning Mask and I often apply a paper mask after the special toner and serum (if any) so that the mask can help. absorb previous products into the skin better, and at the same time do not forget to apply lotion afterwards to lock in moisture.

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