Begin Again – a story about lost stars

The film starring Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine is a delicate, touching work that doesn’t lack the depth that many people still see in the musical film line.

Adam Levine’s first movie is about to be shown in Vietnam
More than six years after the success of Once (roughly translated: Once) – an independent musical film that has won many awards and noble nominations – director and screenwriter John Carney returns to the subject of film music in Begin Again.

Although not as appreciated by critics as Once in the past, the new film by the Irish director is having a positive effect on the majority of moviegoers thanks to the life story of a very “life”, similar acting. The natural opposition of the cast and the soundtrack is a collection of soft, emotional songs. The film once again affirms John Carney’s forte in the music film and shows the sophistication of the director when it brings a simple, moving story without lack of depth as many people often see in this movie line.

The Vietnamese name of the film, Love Crazy, easily makes the audience think this is a movie about a passionate love. Begin Again is more exactly a musical love story. It all started from the meeting between Dan Mulligan (Mark Ruffalo), a producer who fell into crisis due to the exhaustion of artistic inspiration and the troubles of marriage, and Greta (Keira Knightley), the British girl. the grief over the breakup with her boyfriend in New York.

Like two lost stars, they meet by chance and find many similarities to mate. That relationship was very important for both of you at that time, when they were both dismayed, they both sought inspiration for life that seemed to be at a standstill, and both needed comfort. Are they attracted to each other? Certainly, or in part.

But both Dan and Greta have their own lives, with their own problems to solve and so there are moments when viewers feel hesitant and cautious from both sides. It was as if they were enjoying great moments together, moments that Dan likened to “the necklace of pearls” but still tried to keep it sparkling intact. Dan and Greta’s beautiful relationship easily makes the audience flutter thanks to Keira Knighley’s acting skills, the chemistry of Keira Knighley and seasoned co-star Mark Ruffalo.

The title Begin Again refers to how things “started” again after disappointments and disappointments (like how it all went down, somehow slowly got smoother and went up – that everyone has ever experienced). The meeting between Dan and Greta is like a “refresh” button (F5) for their lives. For Dan, it was a marriage that seemed to have exhausted emotions, a boredom at music products that he considered worth leaving, a long slide in alcohol.

For Greta, it was the feeling of being lost after ending a serious relationship in which she forgot to save everything for her lover. The love that they share with music seems to have partially alleviated their wounds and opened up new hopes. Everyone needs such fresh inspiration to see that life is still open and loving. That is how people start over, and close pages of old books.

Begin Again is reminiscent of Once with small lines of dialogue on the street, the songs have a gentle melody that contains the confidences like “talking for” the character’s heart. But this movie is more “flashy” than “brother” in the past when gathering a cast of stars or familiar names like Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, Adam Levine, Hailee Steinfeld, Catherine Keener Not to mention the presence of the famous rapper CeeLo Green.

The setting of the movie is magnificent New York, where the main character Dan once made an unforgettable statement: “Nobody comes to New York City and then leaves, unless something terrible has happened. out”. It seems that Dan did not accidentally utter that sentence to persuade the new girl Greta to stay in the city and sign a recording contract with him, but it was also a deliberate act of the filmmakers to show love. of them and everyone else with beautiful New York City.

But Begin Again’s New York is not a magnificent city that many people still envision. It is a less splendid New York with very ordinary images. The little nook where the kids ask for money doesn’t make any noise. Messy, shabby areas of the poor. Times Square is full of light but also full of… trash. The bars are crowded at night, where city dwellers still look for some solace and joy after long tiring days.

Street performers perform in the indifference of passers-by to make a living. Greta’s friend’s cluttered and cramped apartment – set in contrast to the spacious, bright apartment of ex-boyfriend Dave, now a rising star (Adam Levine). These images show that New York, which has always been known as a city of the rich and successful, is also home to many poor people who are struggling every day to seek opportunities to change their lives.

The songs on “Begin Again” are mostly performed by Keira Knightley and Adam Levine.

Begin Again’s music easily satisfied the majority of music-loving audiences with its gentle ballads. Most of the song in the movie was performed by Keira Knightley and this will definitely be a pleasant surprise for fans of the British actress.

The vocalist of Keira once surprised herself with Adam Levine, her co-star. The Voice judge once said in media interviews that he wanted Keira to join his team. It is not clear how far Keira can go if she joins The Voice, but indeed she has a beautiful voice reminiscent of “cute” girls like Dido, Lenka, or Emiliana Torrini. It was a voice that was clear, sweet, natural like a cool breeze passing very gently. Keira Knightley’s songs in the movie like Lost Stars, Like a fool, A Step You Can’t Take Back, or Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home … will remain in the playlist of movie lovers for a long time. .

And Adam Levine, although far from being considered a “discovery” in acting, also gives the audience a lot of emotions with Lost Stars, a technical version if compared to the simple version. co-star Keira Knightley and easily pleasing to the demanding headphones.

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