My misconceptions about studying abroad

When studying abroad, I have witnessed many cases of those who have high grades in class, good foreign language ability, do not go as far as classmates who are a little lesser but possess social and technical knowledge. outstanding softness. Leadership, problem solving ability, teamwork ability, communication ability, etc. are actively demonstrated not only in class but also through extracurricular activities. That helps them become more confident and adaptable when entering a competitive society and are always the candidates that employers are looking for.
Studying abroad is for freedom from family
When I was in Vietnam, I just wanted to study abroad quickly to get rid of my family’s control. But when I study abroad and really have to stay away from home, I seem to understand and willingly share my feelings and feelings with my parents more. Problems that I do not really agree with my parents, I also find ways to frankly discuss to resolve instead of the frustration leading to quarrels like before. I realized that family was, is and will always be an important part of me, no matter what the differences between people. And because I have read somewhere that says:

“There are two things in the world that shouldn’t be missed; it’s the last ride home and the people who truly love me.”

Studying abroad is better than studying in the country
Wrong, completely wrong. Studying abroad, I realized that I have more opportunities to develop my abilities, but it is another story to grasp those opportunities or not. Some of you go abroad to study but do not try hard to find opportunities and so do not make the most of what you have, as well as waste time and money to study abroad. In contrast, there are many domestic friends who are very active in learning, actively participating in activities inside and outside the school, building networks, experiencing volunteer projects, internships. What I feel so much admiration is that they know how to strive hard no matter what environment they are in and I believe that they will also find similar success routes, even More than any other foreign student.
Working part-time is hard
As international students, most people have thoughts of looking for part-time jobs to make ends meet. However, if in Vietnam, carrying, selling, or helping cook is considered manual work, then when I go abroad, my thinking about that concept has changed. Besides the standard working conditions and good salary, the part-time jobs also give me a chance to stumble with life and become more mature. I’ve also been scolded by my boss, made difficult by customers, but in the end all of these things are an indispensable part of my life from which I have accumulated more life skills for myself.
“This is so hard I can’t do it.”
There are two types of people I meet when I study abroad.
Type 1:

“This scholarship is only for the very best, not my turn.”

“Do you think you submitted a job like that and got accepted?”
Second type:

“Just try it, lose what?”
And that’s how you in the second group achieved much more success than the first group.
You will probably think that they are very good, very talented. I used to think this too, or in other words, I used to be one of the first. But when I study abroad, I am surprised that successful people are not far away but right around me, right next to me. They receive scholarships of thousands of dollars a month, get part-time jobs in very good places, get internships at foreign companies, the opportunities seem only for “outstanding individuals”. Although the servants are not so outstanding, they are also good people and more importantly, they can strive, seek opportunities and are not afraid to try. They constantly improve themselves, find ways to express their own values, dreams, and visions through limited number of letters and profiles. The success they had had completely changed my way of thinking and inspired me to pursue what I wanted.

Entering my 5th year abroad, setting foot in two different countries with completely different cultures, I learned a lot more than I imagined before. And that’s what I’ve always been thankful for. Hope my story will be useful to anyone who is interested.

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