Oily skin, the enemy of many people and its solution

Oily Skin can say that the skin is difficult to indulge, acne-prone, extremely easy to enlarge pores along with many other skin problems. These girls having Oily Skin are always have to face with a shiny face, especially in this hot summer. And there is one thing she often misunderstands about the cause of oil on the skin, that the skin is excessively moist, over water. In reality, however, Oily Skin is water imbalanced; Because of lack of water, more natural oils will be released to maintain moisture in the skin.
To control the amount of excess oil on the skin, to help clean the skin, Oily Skin ladies quickly pocket the following essential products.
1. Mineral spray
Limit the use of oil blotting paper, ladies, because according to the above principle, the more oil is absorbed, the more oil secretes. Instead, buy a pocket bottle of mineral spray anywhere anytime. Mineral spray is like drinking water for your skin, it has the effect of supplying water in time and thus will limit the excess oil on the skin. Especially for those who sit in the air a lot, or have to work outdoors causing dehydration of the skin, mineral spray will help the skin balance its moisture but also create an extremely comfortable feeling.
2. Exfoliate your skin
Pay attention to exfoliate 1-2 times a week, ladies, so our skin will always be kept clean, pores clear from sebum and dirt. This process also helps the skin to better absorb moisturizing products, becoming smoother.
3. Clay mask
Clay masks have long been known for their effective alkaline oil and contribute to tightening pores, too, too great. In addition, many types of masks are added with additional functions such as moisturizing, brightening, pushing hidden acne, blackheads … spoiled for girls to choose.
Besides the above products, the most important thing I hope that Oily Skin will always remember, is to diligently moisturize their skin. The skincare cycle does not need to be too complicated, but it needs to ensure the basic steps: cleansing, toner, special treatment, lotion, and in the morning, don’t forget to sunscreen step. Oily Skin is difficult to indulge, but there is a strong point that slow aging helps us to be younger for longer. And as long as you listen and understand your skin, then your skin will listen to your best.
Wish you girls are always pretty and confident.

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