Robert De Niro – The greatest star in the world

Famous actor, director and film producer Robert De Niro was born on August 17, 1943 in Little Italy (Little Italy) in New York, USA in an Italian-immigrant family with both parents as successful artists.

As a child, Robert was often nicknamed “Bobby Milk powder” by his classmates because his skin was so white. After graduating from the School of Theater and Drama founded by famous actress Stella Adler (1901-1992), Bobby’s first role was to appear in the play “The Bear” based on the story. short of the same name by Russian writer Anton Chekhov (1860-1904). At this time, the young actor De Niro turned 16 years old.

In 1963, at the age of 20, De Niro was invited by famous director Brian De Palma to join the comedy “The Wedding Party”. During the following decade, he mainly appeared on the Broadway Theater in New York – the “cradle of theater” of America, only starring in the film twice in 1965 and 1968.

Robert De Niro’s name began to be known to the public through the film “The Godfather Part II”, a masterpiece by legendary director Francis Ford Coppola, based on the famous criminal novel. the same name of Italian writer Mario Puzo (1920-1999), is classified as a classic film of the American silver screen. The villain role showing “the godfather” of the infamous young Don Vito Corleone played by De Niro, was awarded an Oscar and was also the first prestigious award he received when he was less than 30 years old.

In 1976 Robert De Niro reaffirmed his position in the Hollywood movie capital, through his role “to life” in the movie “Taxi Driver” (Taxi Driver), portraying the tragic mood of a former American Marines returned from the Vietnam War. In 1999, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) voted the immortal director Martin Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver” as one of the four greatest films in the entire history of American movie.

Nearly six years after R. De Niro’s name shone again, when he was awarded the second Academy Award for his lead role in the movie “Raging bull”, released in 1980 also by famous director. M. Scorsese is considered one of Hollywood’s classics. From a modest $ 50 remuneration in the first movie “The Wedding Party”, after two decades of money, De Niro’s pay was $ 20 million / film, becoming one of the actors with the remuneration. the world’s highest.

In addition to two official awards, De Niro has been repeatedly nominated by AMPAS members to award an Oscar for their acting roles through blockbuster films such as “New York” (1977), “The King. of Comedy ”(Comedy King, 1983),“ Cape Fear ”(Cape of Terror, 1991) and“ Casino ”(Casino, 1995).

But the most remarkable thing in the entire film career of the “old man” is that since 2002, De Niro himself has hosted the annual Tribeca Film Festival in New York, to revive the literary life. The city was re-established after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, sponsored by the Tribeca Productions he founded in 1989 to encourage young filmmakers. The Tribeca studio is widely admired for the new nickname “Hollywood of the East Coast of America”.

With the reunion with veteran American actress Meryl Streep in the movie “The Good House”, this is the fourth time they have appeared together on the silver screen in the past three decades, with extremely popular products by 2 veteran actors won the Oscars for both lead and supporting roles, as well as other prestigious awards such as the Golden Globe of the Foreign Press Association in Hollywood, BAFTA of The British Academy of Film and Television Arts… in its acting career.

Actor Robert De Niro was dubbed the “silver screen Gangster” because his name was associated with the role of rebellious heroes from a young age. Robert De Niro was also voted by Empire magazine (UK) as the world’s greatest star (alive). He is helping many young actors develop their acting talents.

Referring to Robert De Niro, many people will surely remember the impressive roles in “The Godfather, Part II” directed by Francis Ford Coppola, “Taxi Driver”, “Raging Bull” directed by Martin Scorsese …. The role of “the godfather” of the infamous young Don Vito Corleone in “The Godfather, Part II” brought the name Robert De Niro to the world. “The Godfather, Part II” is adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Mario Puzo, about the process of becoming a gangster boss of the character Don Vito Corleone. The film brought 6 Academy Awards, including “Best Supporting Actor” for Robert De Niro. To transform into the character, Robert De Niro moved to Sicily – where is considered the hometown of gangsters. Real life experiences were portrayed by Robert De Niro into the character Don Vito Corleone with a complex psychological development.

Two years after his successful “The Godfather, Part II”, Robert De Niro caused critics to lose his hat before his performance in “Taxi Driver”. Robert De Niro takes on the role of veteran Travis Bickle who works as a night taxi driver in New York City. Travis Bickle’s character makes viewers disturbed, obsessed with somewhat crazy behavior, loving violence, but the desire to love and protect justice. “Taxi Driver” won “Golden Palm” at Cannes International Film Festival in 1976 and received four Oscar nominations, including “Best Actor” for Robert De Niro. Robert De Niro said that to play the role, he drove a taxi, lived as a driver a few weeks before filming started.

Robert De Niro is a serious person and has invested meticulously in his roles. Each of his roles is researched and ready to change, experiment to get real life experiences for the character. Typically, in “Raging Bull”, Robert De Niro had to adhere to a strict diet to gain 27kg, learn about the martial arts to excellently portray Jake LaMotta. The role helped Robert De Niro shine once more on the Oscar stage with the golden statue “Best Actor”. Robert De Niro’s success is the dream of many artists, because films with his presence become classics in the history of cinema. That is why many fastidious directors such as Martin Scorsese, David O. Russell always choose him for big projects. Robert De Niro also supports many young actors, helping them develop their qualities. Jennifer Lawrence is a typical case, the coordination in acting has helped Jennifer Lawrence get the first golden statue “Best Actress”. In the near future, Robert De Niro and Jennifer Lawrence will reunite in David O. Russell’s “Joy” project. The film is based on the story of Joy Mangano – a single mother with three children who invented a smart mop, making a lot of money in the 1990s.

Even though he is 72 years old, Robert De Niro is still dedicated to the arts. In addition to movies, Robert De Niro also actively participated and made many marks in musicals. He is really “the greatest star” exactly as the readership of the Empire newspaper.

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