How did I treat skin melasma caused by acne?

There is a fact that I have just gone through a terrible melasma caused by acne. Also at this time last year, I kept getting inflamed, swollen blisters on my chin and my cheeks that hurt so badly. After applying some measures to get rid of them, my skin went into a stage of heavy darkening that made me panic. I started researching a lot of different treatments, but I did not really heal until about 1 or 2 months ago. Up to the present time, my bruises have faded quite clearly (at the deepest time, when someone thought it was a new mole, I’m not surprised huhuu) and I have selected a few products. really useful to me, everyone please refer. ⠀

1. Exfoliation RostlingCall
Dubbed the copy of Cure but after using both, I like her much more, while the price is only … 1/5. I choose the red color for normal skin to dry skin, I like soybean seed extract with a gentle, super aromatic smell and especially the feeling left on the skin is extremely soft, I like it. She saved her dull and irregular skin so I believe I will stick with her for a long time ⠀

2. CCFOR essence and Curmine turmeric cream kem
Melano CC is too popular in the Vietnamese market, but for me, it only works to lighten the skin, not really cure acne. When it comes to using turmeric cream, the bruises will fade to see. I think partly because my skin is also more suitable with turmeric, so if you have not found a suitable dark treatment product, you can consult. However, it must be very persistent to do that. ⠀

3. Paper Masks ⠀
It must be said that my skin has improved markedly since the masking. During the past three months, I have been working hard and not only have acne disappeared, my skin is brighter, healthier and more even color than ever, completely surprised me. After trying a lot of different Japanese masks, I realized that it doesn’t matter which one, just persistently using it, I’m sure it will work. ⠀

If you have any questions about the above products, you can ask yourself questions.
Wish everyone is always beautiful and confident.

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