Blue is the warmest colour – In pain, we recognize ourselves

Blue is the Warmest Color, a French drama about lesbian love, won the Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival 2013. This is also the first time. , a cinematic adaptation of the winning comic book The Palme d’Or. The film, written and directed and produced by Abdellatif Kechiche, 52 years old, starring young star Adèle Exarchopoulos as a 15-year-old girl, falls in love with a woman named Emma (Léa Seydoux plays ). The film has received enthusiastic praise from a large number of critics as well as conflicting opinions about the hot scene which is shown very boldly.

Blue Is The Warmest Color is nearly three hours long, which every 60 minutes marks a path in Adele’s life: confusion, happiness, humiliation, pain and self-discovery – a picture of life. so by “warm green” colors.

“How do you understand the heart is missing something?”

This big question is the premise of the movie about Adele’s quest for love. Why was Adele so dull when having sex with the hottest guy in high school? Is it true that her heart still hasn’t found her half? What are you looking for? A warm moment on the blue side – a moment that will last a lifetime? A spiritual harmony to be with that person, she no longer feels lonely? A lust haunted Adele? Or a warmth from heart to heart, a warm family?

In “Blue is the warmest color”, the answer is probably both. True to the name of the movie “La Vie d’Adèle Chapitres 1 et 2 ″, at every moment, like all of us, Adele goes looking for different things, discovering something that is left behind. Her heart was lacking, still sobbing – love.

Lasting nearly 3 hours with the film circuit divided into 2 like half way before and half way after the love story of Emma and Adele, “Blue is the warmest color” portrays a true love. , the purest, make each heartbeat vibrate with every movement, every stroke of the two characters’ faces, to touch that original feeling.

Half before that journey, Emma – an impressive green-headed painter is the key that opens the door behind Adele’s cover of identity, gender, passion, and sexuality. “Love at first sight” or “a moment that last a life time” is the best sentence to describe Adele’s feelings.

As her green hair brushed the street, catching Adele’s eye, something inside her woke up enough for Adele to boldly kiss another girl in school, enough for her to go to that gay bar. follow another lesbian group to find their sex and true identity. amidst the curiosity and scrutiny of the girls at the same school, leave with Emma.

In the first chapter, the barrier between Adele and Emma’s love is Adele accepting her true sex, admitting her passion, instead of compromising to please the society around her. The same goes for Emma, ​​who is in the middle of a 2-year relationship, who struggles with relationship loyalty and a burning passion of love. They have to fight right and wrong things, exist in their ego to acknowledge this love, acknowledge their most natural desires, instincts.

As a result, their passions have found each other, burning together through Emma’s sensuous paintings. In these masterpieces, Adele is the muse who arouses Emma’s lust, and artistic inspiration. Blue – not the color of the sea, the color of the sky, but the blue of the flame of love – the love where they started.

Fast paced, hustle, like the overwhelming emotions of Adele, of Emma, ​​his, hers, your friends and mine – newcomers enjoy the glaze of lost love. A youthful love based on physical and chemical emotions, like a fire burning on a splinter, bursts out intensely but it is difficult to keep for long. At the same rapid pace, we unknowingly realize the instabilities that cause the two halves of the heart to move to different sides in life where the figure no longer stands next to the other.

In chapter two, these disagreements are multiplied and clearly revealed, not only the context of the two families, their way of thinking, but also the ambition of each person, the point of view of the two children. people have passed the time of infatuation, immersed in the men of love. They are more mature, and more demanding in their also maturing relationship.

If the emotional similarities of Adele and Emma are presented to the viewer with close-up shots of the face (especially Adele), then the fragmentation of Adele’s relationship and different ways of looking at life and Emma are again scenes of uninterrupted scenes.

In the segment meeting two families, viewers will easily recognize where the germ of this brokenness comes from. A bourgeois middle-class family where Emma’s parents talk about art of love, romantic French dinners with white wine and fresh oysters, with dreams, ambitions, where Emma and Adele their freedom to express their transsexual love is followed immediately by the extreme opposition – the scene of the Adele family. A working-class family was increasingly precarious with life, so the thought of stability was rooted in from a competent father, a sure mother, to Adele, who was now in high school. Here, there are no stories of dreams and ambitions, no love stories, only pasta to fill, questions of stability, where love beyond their gender is a gift. too expensive to be hidden.

Two people who love each other but are born, nurtured in two opposing circumstances, attract each other thanks to poetic opposition and then hurt each other with the difference in their outlook on life.

Adele moved in with Emma, ​​the rhythm of the film slowed down, delving deeper into their growing love. And in a mature love, passion, pleasure or love seems not enough. A sister once told me this: “The right question is not how she thinks about me, how her feelings are for me. The right question is, are the two of you right? ” It is that union that is necessary and sufficient for a mature relationship to develop. And this compatibility is what is lacking in Adele and Emma’s relationship. Adele cheated on Emma, ​​but in a different angle, we will see the loneliness and phase of this relationship. The more Adele tried to “fit in”, the more lonely, lonely, and ignored whenever Emma fell in love with her paintings and, as the gap widened, Adele’s deception was a drop of water that overflowed. They broke up not because they were out of love, out of interest with each other, on the contrary, Adele was always Emma’s muse, an attractive, impulsive, impulsive, artistic madness that Emma always kept in her heart. . But, they still broke up because love alone is not enough, people need to understand each other to become a family. The final scene where Emma refuses to return to Adele is the perfect answer to the film’s big question. You will know when your heart lacks something because it is the absence of a family, the feeling of being understood and harmonized, the feeling of attachment that love is burning without understanding. also can not bring.

“Blue is the warmest color” is a controversial film with scenes burning the eyes of viewers. But for me, this is a good movie and worth watching because it exploits the lgbt theme but is not as tragic as the movies of the same theme, but in another, more new aspect is the love and maturity of love. On the other hand, these are a handful of films exploiting the lesbian couple – who are still labeled “adventures of love” rather than love and true gender. The final reason the drama has such a strong influence and makes me love is because I can see myself in Adele, feel her loneliness in an incompatible relationship. And for so many reasons, “Blue is the warmest color” is the movie I want to review, although there are many reviews about this movie.

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