The Silence Of The Lambs – The horror film approaches perfection

Horror movies are always an indispensable dish on the party table of Senventh art. As a classic movie, The Silence Of The Lambs is the representative of this genre.
Building on the novel of the same name by Thomas Harris, the film was first released to the audience in 1991. The investment budget was not too high compared to the horror movies at the same time, but under the hands of director Jonathan Demme and talented actors at that time such as Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, Scott Glenn.

The film won a great deal in its first year of premiere and excelled at winning the “Big five” record – Winning five Oscars including: Best film, best director, best script, male lead Best Actress and Best Actress.

That is probably enough to make the “followers” of the horror film line feel that this is an attractive and worth watching movie.

What if a psychologist is also a bloodthirsty cannibal?

“An investigator tried to check on me. I ate his liver with some dried beans and a nice bottle of Chianti ”

Only with the above statement of Dr. Hannibal Lecter (played by Anthony Hopkins) is enough to make the viewer feel the danger and bloodthirsty of the murderer in the guise of this doctor. But the FBI police apprentice Clarice Starling (played by Jodie Foster) was forced to go to a Maryland psychiatric hospital to seek Hannibal’s help.

A psychopath but has supernatural intelligence and crime psychology analysis. When the FBI almost helpless in tracking a serial killer called “Buffalo Bill”.
Lecter was attracted to the first conversation with Clarice and agreed to help the FBI side. But in exchange he wanted Clarice to tell him about her childhood stories.

This later created a strange bond between her and the genius psychiatrist Lecter Hannibal, with the help of Lecter, the portrait of murderer Buffalo Bill also gradually revealed.
Hannibal Lecter and the most popular villain
Referring to the work Silence of the sheep, anyone who has ever seen it will immediately remember Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the most perfect and classic murderer ever to appear on the big screen.

Unlike the villains in other horror works, Hannibal is described as a genius doctor with superhuman brains. He is a killer with a hobby that haunts many spectators of cannibalism.

Although being one of the most haunted villains, Hannibal is also the most popular character in the audience. Even Hannibal’s charisma is also compared to the Joker, a longtime rival to Batman and another favorite villain in other history.

Hannibal Lecter in Silence of sheep always appears with smart, polite image with irresistible charm through every gesture and elegant laughter like a noble. You will easily be deceived that he is a great doctor who will always help when you need it.

Hannibal almost all comes from a genius psychiatrist with outstanding scientific research in leading journals. In addition, he also possesses an artistic style and outstanding artistic talent.

Lecter is also known for his outstanding cooking skills and artistic taste, and it is because of his insane pursuit of beauty that he gradually becomes out of control. He begins to kill his victims and use their bodies as a piece of art.

That’s why people call Hannibal Lecter a cannibal doctor.

With his sublime mind, Hannibal always executed the perfect crime with a calm face. Even though his heart rate never surpassed eighty-five, he was terribly calm in any situation.

The most frightening thing is in his thinking, Hannibal always considers himself God, standing above all the laws and is the one deciding the life and death of anyone. To him his disgusting offenses were just a game of pastime, nothing more and less boring.

Hannibal always viewed his victims as sheep who were silent in fear and he was a shepherd. He will decide which poor sheep he will become his next supper.

It can be said, Hannibal Lecter has seen himself as “messiah” and human beings are just experimental objects for him to improve his psychological abilities.

But also because of the outstanding ability to analyze criminal psychology that the government is forced to seek the help of cannibals when they encounter cases beyond their capabilities.

“He is a monster, a completely psychotic guy, it is difficult to live this kind. From a research point of view, Lecter is our most valuable asset ”.

Obviously, Hannibal Lecter is a very dangerous criminal with extremely barbaric crime but undeniably Dr. Hannibal is an outstanding genius with many other natural talents.

It can be said that thanks to both the evil and the good side, the cannibal doctor Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the sheep has become one of the classic villains on the big screen.

Anthony Hopkins and the fifteen classic minutes in Silence of the Sheeps
Silence of the sheep is a great work of world cinema, but the success of the film would not be complete without the excellent performances of the actors.

What the film is twisted about is the psychological development of the murderers are beautifully portrayed through the lines as well as the wonderful acting of Anthony Hopkins when playing Hannibal Lecter.

Although not as much as the female lead of Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins made viewers feel cold from the first frame with lifeless blue eyes and a sharp voice when first contacting a girl. from the FBI and his somewhat mysteriously freakishness.

When Hanibal Lecter was announced to be assigned to Anthony Hopkins, many wondered who he was and if he would be able to accept responsibility for the role that was so crucial to the success or failure of the work. .

Before being cast for the role of The Cannibal Doctor in The Silence of the Sheeps, Hopkins mainly worked as an actor for plays at the Broadway theater. Although, achieving some success, he has always had a burning dream of acting on the big screen.

Contrary to early doubts, the Hannibal Lecter character portrayed by Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Sheeps has become classic, a huge shadow for anyone who will take on the role of Hannibal later.

Anthony Hopkins has become the most perfect version of Hannibal, all of his gestures and words have helped the genius pervert doctor become more authentic than ever, bringing a great haunt to the audience when See Silence of sheep.

Many times in the film, his acting makes viewers scream with fear and panic. The sad eyes, the scary calm on the face and the characteristic smile that is haunting will surely make the viewer have an unforgettable experience.

“The movie did not scare me, but actor Anthony Hopkins really scared me” – Jodie Foster

Hannibal Lecter seemed to step out from the pages of the book, Hopkins’ acting was so impressive that his girlfriend at that time decided to leave because every time he saw him, the image of Hannibal eating people appeared. .

Although the role of Hannibal appeared only fifteen minutes in the film Silence of the sheep, but the excellent performance of Anthony Hopkins has made a strong impression on the experts and character of the Cannibal Doctor. for the prestigious Osacr golden statue for the Best Actor category.

“When I filmed the scenes with the character Hannibal Lecter, Hopkins was not really there. I had to look into the camera and pretend that Hannibal was there, which caused even greater fear. ”- Jodie Foster

It can be said that, just fifteen minutes in the silence of the sheep, Hopkins’ career flashed to become the top star in the photo industry and the role of Hannibal Lecter also became immortal in the hearts of the audience. until now.

Jodie Foster excellence

Next to the excellence of Anthony Hopkins would be lacking if not to mention the effort and excellence of female lead Jodie Foster. Unlike Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster was then a big Hollywood star.

She excelled at the prestigious Osacr Prize in 1988 for her work The Accused.

Jodie Foster in the silence of sheep is no less next to Hopkins when giving viewers the image of an FBI female apprentice with enthusiasm to solve and childhood haunts, which follow her in each sleep.

She has successfully portrayed the character Clarice Starling, in order to perfectly transform into her character, she had to learn to be a real FBI agent for 3 days.

Jodie Forster has excelled in her role, she has made the audience nervous along the dangerous journey of solving Clarice Starling. The climax of tension comes when her character has to come to the help of the cannibal doctor.

The face-to-face scenes of Clarice Starling and Hannibal gave viewers breathtaking moments of tension, small gestures or movements that also made the audience hold their breath for the fate of Clarice Starling in front of a genius doctor.

Jodie Forster has excelled in character psychology, she has shown herself not to be inferior to when facing the overly excellent Anthony Hopkins.

With Clarice Starling’s outstanding performance in The Silence of the Lamps, Jodie Foster earned herself the second Oscar for the Best Actress award in the acting career.

Finally, unlike purely horror works, the film escapes its immersion into gore, violent scenes. With the yellow on the film, the music is somewhat gloomy, creating an excellent combination of psychological and horror elements.

The excellent script has created a turning point to subtly deceive the audience. It’s hard to find minus points for a movie like The Silence of the Lamps for its almost absolute perfection.

If you are looking for a horror movie worth watching, perhaps with the aforementioned perhaps enough for you to immediately find this excellent movie, simply be quiet like sheep and enjoy it.

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