Your luck and the opportunity to seize being a kindness person

A broken cup always brings a confused mood. Usually people spiritualize the breakdown of something. Guessing for the future or simply wanting to buy a lottery ticket for lucky expectation. My story started like that.

The day before, I fell ill but still had to go to work. My part-time job now is a Starbucks-style cafe but with a more unique and Australian look. The shop uses thick ceramic cups to store coffee, and is placed on the same thick and large porcelain plate when delivered to the table for customers. It looks very beautiful, very methodical, but serves as I carry very much when it comes to shaking hands and feet.
Because I was sick that day I was not working at all and was quite embarrassed to let people do less work for me while everyone was busy. Worst of all, by the end of my shift, I took the opportunity to clear some of the tables and carried the dirty plates inside, and fumbled with how I dropped a cup on the ground and shattered. Feeling at that time really both embarrassed and bored, just know how to apologize. But the first reaction of everyone at that time was to ask me, “Are you okay?”, At the same time help me pick up those fragments.
I noticed that it was not because I was sick that day so I was treated differently, but always, it was the same for everyone. When there is a crash at work, people will immediately ask if someone standing nearby is okay and if there is any need for assistance. Even though it’s just an ordinary question, it’s enough to show that I’m cared for and that my safety comes first.
I think in life too, if you live a little kinder together, everything becomes much more beautiful. You never know what a greeting or a smile of mine means to someone, especially if they’ve had a bad day, until you fall into the same situation. And sometimes those things are much more valuable than other material values. Friends at work gave me more confidence in the good relationships between people, because good things will always exist somewhere and always seek to spread everywhere. So, no matter how bad things happen, no matter how badly bad people happen to be, I hope we will never lose our optimistic outlook on life, and always turn me on. into one of those optimism.

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