…And I have exercised such a quality of patience

In the olden days, I stood in the dark, staring silently at a small window where there was a light coming out of a tube lamp, that light was so dim … but bright enough for me to see something, something is interesting but I won’t reveal it, everyone … It was repeated every night, I like the early winter times when the days are off quickly and night falls very early. I have exercised such a quality of patience …

Patience is never easy for most of us, especially in a rapidly growing society today. In order to be patient with all expectations, delays, and anger coming from external factors without becoming agitated or upset, requires us to control our emotions and control our emotions. it is calm to face the difficulties in life.
Being a patient person means that we can live a happy and healthy life. The reason is because we will reduce negative emotions such as stress, anger, and solve problems more effectively. We will have time to consider and evaluate the situation and not rush to make wrong decisions or actions that lead to irreparable consequences. More importantly, learning how to be patient helps us to be sympathetic and understanding with everyone around us. There are many conflicts happening in life that if we do not act skillfully and calmly, we will quickly lose precious relationships as well as upset the people we treasure and love. Turn conflict into an opportunity for us to get to know each other better and build stronger relationships with our family and friends.
So before we solve a problem, instead of rushing to let our emotions overwhelm our mind, we should slow down to have more time to think deeply. I myself am also easily influenced by emotions, so at times like that I usually calm down by taking a few deep breaths and thinking: “Take it easy!” And not only in study, at work, we should also learn to be patient in everyday situations as well. For example, when lining up to buy things, when in traffic on the road, if each person can patiently maintain his composure and put himself in the other’s shoes, I believe that life will become easier. so many, so much. Because everyone has their own problems, not just any individual. Besides, we should understand that sometimes impatience can’t help solve the problem, so why not try to enjoy the waiting process in a fun and comfortable way?
Set patience as our goal every day, focus on the present, and try to spend time thinking about everything you plan to do. At the end of the day, when we look back, we will be amazed by the patience that helps make smarter decisions, strengthens relationships, and helps us better understand ourselves. Learning to be patient really takes a lot of effort, but it will definitely give us that extremely healthy, happy life.

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